20 April 2008

damien rice, leonard cohen, and me.

Ireland is just a couple of months away, and I'm looking forward to it with great anticipation!  And my new friend and roommate for the summer, Laura Berbusse, has just given me a new reason to be excited.  She got two free tickets to see Damien Rice opening for Leonard Cohen in Dublin while we're in Ireland, and our faculty supervisors are letting us bale for half a day of activities and go!  Here's one of my favorites of Damien's.

So exciting.  PLUS, I mean, Leonard Cohen!  As Julie puts it, he's pretty much a "musical genius".  Agreed.  Totally agreed.

Julie and I are making a video tribute to Twilight the movie.  I'll be sure to post it once we get done... it might get a few giggles.  Or some eye-rolls, either one, hehe...

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