30 April 2008


So I have this French final in four hours I really should be studying for, but I honestly can't get up the motivation to open my book.  I guess I've been super stressed about everything else-- mainly, my research methods lab project.  I want it to be perfect, and it's frustrating me that it isn't perfect.  And in the end, there really isn't a way for it to be perfect this late in the game.  We just didn't get the chance to try.

Last night, when Julie and I weren't studying for our impending tests of doom, we came up with some hilarious quotes for the quote-wall.

Mind you, these are actual bits of conversations we had.

"Hey Bekah, you wanna talk about Twilight?" -- Julie
"Oh my gosh Twilight.  Oh my gosh Twilight.  Twilight.  Twilight.  Twilight.  Twilight." -- Me

"Hey, I'd risk being called stupid by other people just so I could be with Edward..." -- Me (talking about Twilight's Bella)
"People call me stupid now!  ¡¿Donde esta mi Eduardo?!" -- Julie

26 April 2008

the times ahead.

Here's what I have coming up next week.

8pm -- Honors Council Finals Fest

8am -- World History final

10:42am -- Oboe jury
4pm -- Meeting with Blue Team! to work on presentation

2pm -- French final

10:15am -- Honors final
2pm -- Research Methods Lab final

10am -- Band rehearsal

?am -- check-out
1pm -- Commencement

So last Thursday, I went to a dinner for the Ireland group.  It was really a lot of fun, which surprised me a bit.  I wasn't prepared to make such immediate good friends.  Laura and I get along great, I think we're going to have a fantastic time being roommates this summer.  We ate soda bread, Irish stew made with Guinness, and boxty, all of it pretty good!

And last but not least, here's the video Julie and I made last week in honor of Twilight:  the Movie.

I'm out.  Love!

25 April 2008


Two girls sat in a room.

One, snacking on stale breakfast cereal. The other writing some absurd ramblings--absurd, mostly, because she hadn't really planned out what she was going to say.

The first, her name was Julie. Julie Kelly, actually, though most people just called her Jules. The other? Her name was inexplicably boring: Bekah. Yep. That's it. Well, perhaps it wasn't boring, per se. After all, it was spelled differently. Take that, first grade teachers who could never spell her name correctly! She demanded significance! She demanded attention! She demanded...

Bekah got distracted.

She looked up from her writing to stare at Julie, saying one very significant word.


The two of them smiled, laughing at a joke only they could truly understand. Over the past year of living together, I suppose they'd come to the understanding that they were so similar, they might as well have been the same person.

Fridays had suddenly become the most significant day in their weeks.

"Hey, you know what today is?" Julie asked Bekah.


"It's not just Friday, Bekah," Julie said while smiling impishly at her friend. "It's DOCTOR WHO FRIDAY!"

The two of them stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, and then... then they screamed.

It was going to be a long night.

Well, until Laina got back. Really, Bekah hoped she would return before the end of that week's episode of Doctor Who (they were watching it for the second time that evening). She wanted Laina to witness the excitement that was (GASP) Rose Tyler's return.

This is done, because the Doctor is too riveting a creature to ignore.
Let the swooning ensue.

21 April 2008

all you've gotta do is try.

This is what I'm looking at right now.  A representative from Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry in Florida called me today as a followup of the catalogue I requested they send me.  This time I didn't scream or freak out or not answer the phone or anything like I did when MKC called me earlier this semester.  I had a nice conversation with Shelly, and I really think their school looks great.  I'd love to be able to go... all in all, the program I'd want to take is about 3 months or so, and it's about $10,000, including materials, etc.  It doesn't include lodging, so I would have to stay in an apartment or something (yuck).  But still... if I were able to get some kind of financial aid, I'm pretty sure I would be able to pay off the loans pretty soon, with the right connections.  I know she was talking up the program, but she said her most successful graduates are making 6-digit figures.  Pretty cool, n'est pas?

The only thing with the money is that there is so much that I still need to get.  I have money for this summer-- I'm planning on setting aside about $1,000-$2,000 of it to my travel money.  The rest of the money I got this year I'm putting toward a car.  I need a car I can rely on, a car I know won't fall apart on me in the middle of nowhere.  Preferably something with less than 100,000 miles.  Preferably something a little easier on the eyes than good 'ole Bessie.  The Bekah-mobile has seen better days, there's no doubt about that.

I also need to start saving up for a better laptop.  I was hoping I'd be able to afford buying one this year, and I would.  If I wanted to forgo getting the car with the money Mom set aside for me, I could prolly buy any kind of laptop I wanted.  But as it is, the car is a little more important.  So I'm getting the car, and hoping to be able to afford a better laptop later on.  *nods*

Some other stuff I want, not necessarily need:
--new digital camera
--digital video camera
--new oboe bag
--Doctor Who, all of the 9th & 10th Doctors' seasons
--to be an extra on Twilight Doh!

Aside from the semi-sucky day I had yesterday, complete with not eating lunch or dinner, a meeting running late, a speeding ticket because I was running late for a rehearsal because that meeting ran late, kinda getting in trouble for being late for rehearsal, and snapping at my roommates...  Aside from that, I know that things are going well for me.  Everything's going to be just fine.  I get to see my mom tonight.  I get to go home next week.  A bittersweet happiness-- as always, I'm going to miss my roommates terribly.  Laina and Julie (and Alycia, when she was around last semester) have been really great.  This fall is going to be different for us, as it's just been me, Laina, and Julie for months now.  And in the fall, we're going to have someone new.  I don't know what's going to happen, and it makes me a little sad... but who knows what kind of great things will come out of having a new roommate?  I hope we don't alienate her and that she feels comfortable to laugh and be around us.  And I hope we're comfortable around her and we can all be friends.  I don't want it to be "us" against "her".  That wouldn't be cool.  I'm all about that friendship thing.

Well, I'm off to go do some cleaning.  I really ought to pack up a bit for when my mom gets here.  She'll be wanting me to have stuff ready to go, and I'll be wanting to get my shower and stuff.  *meh*.

Loves, Bekbeks

20 April 2008

damien rice, leonard cohen, and me.

Ireland is just a couple of months away, and I'm looking forward to it with great anticipation!  And my new friend and roommate for the summer, Laura Berbusse, has just given me a new reason to be excited.  She got two free tickets to see Damien Rice opening for Leonard Cohen in Dublin while we're in Ireland, and our faculty supervisors are letting us bale for half a day of activities and go!  Here's one of my favorites of Damien's.

So exciting.  PLUS, I mean, Leonard Cohen!  As Julie puts it, he's pretty much a "musical genius".  Agreed.  Totally agreed.

Julie and I are making a video tribute to Twilight the movie.  I'll be sure to post it once we get done... it might get a few giggles.  Or some eye-rolls, either one, hehe...

15 April 2008

my new regimen, and some music.

I've been under the watchful eye of my roommates since this weekend.  Laina's bleached the entire suite--and yes, I do believe she's been following my movements daily with a bottle of disinfectant.  She's also got me on a regimen now.  I'll list the components:

Vitamin C
Garlic oil
Probiotics (a chewable Acidophilus tablet)
Multivitamin (specifically a stress multivitamin)
St. John's Wort (that one's my own personal touch)

I have a new song on my "Recent Favorites" playlist, up there with "Helena", "Anywhere But Here", and "Iris".  Well, "Helena" and "Iris" have been long-time favorites.

I ran across this video when being a Twilight nerd last night.  It was rather well put-together, and I really liked the song.

The song is "Beautiful Things" by Andain.  Listen to it.  It's good.  Makes me want to dance.

On another note, my roommates make me laugh.
I'll be laughing even more in an hour or so-- will elaborate after the fact.

12 April 2008

you spin me right round, baby, right round.

Can't a girl catch a break?  Geesh.

I'll make this quick.  Went to Searcy to go to an urgent care clinic there, was told what I already figured:  it's probable the crap on my ear is staph.  They put me on some major antibiotics to try to tide it over until I go in to see my ENT on May 8th.  They won't have the culture results for about a week, so technically the diagnosis isn't official.  But they're pretty sure.

The good part about today?  As I was in Searcy, I got to spend a bit of time with Derrick, whom I haven't seen in months!  I met him at the Underground, and we sat and talked for a while.  He bought me lunch (grilled cheese on wheat + small fountain drink - employee discount = .81!), and we played a fun round of Yahtzee.  Then a run to Sonic for some fabulous drinks (small fresh lemon slush, yum!), and a tour of Derrick's life.  It was restful.  Spending time with Derrick calmed me down from being so upset after my doctor's visit.

When I got back to Conway, I went straight to Target to do some self-pity shopping.  I rarely do self-pity shopping, but I had a pretty crappy day (aside from my fantastic visit with Derrick, of course), and I was meaning to go shopping anyway.  So I bought two bright, retro-esque argyle cardigans (one in teal, the other in green), a pair of cute ballet flats and socks, earrings, and a 9-strand orange beaded necklace.  That was about $85 all-together.

At Walgreens, my prescription was about $49 even with my insurance, AND I had to get extra gauze and some SPF 15 moisturizer, since the medicine is supposed to make me pretty sun-sensitive.

So I've spent a lot of money today.  Part of me regrets it, but mostly I don't care.  I'm just stressed out right now, and I'll have to do my best to keep from getting sick(-er).

btw, Joe had a pretty yucky day, too.  *sadface*  Feel better!

In other news, my mom is getting birds again!  2 cockatiels (a male and female pair).  She's pretty excited.  :)

Aaaaaaand that's it.  Sorry if I've darkened anyone's spirits with my pessimism earlier.  Just had a bad day.

07 April 2008

midnight on the stormy deep.

Since my visit to the ER, life has been rather gray. Nothing really all that noteworthy has happened. Well, no, that's not true... I did go with Joe and Julie for Joe's call-back of sorts yesterday for a talent audition. That was fun. Tomorrow is the Spring Fling! I didn't get to go last year, so I'm looking forward to carnival rides, games, and food with a great deal of anticipation.

I called my mom today to tell her to go ahead and schedule my ENT appointment for the week after finals. I don't know how long it'll take to heal, and I'd like to be all scarred up before I leave in June. Ugh. Scarred up. You know how gross that's going to look? Lemme just give you an idea (WARNING: a little blood and stitches):


Yep. Totally not kidding. It's nasty stuff, this ear business. Granted, mine will look a little different, since my cyst is at the top of my ear, rather than on the direct side like this one was. Ah well. I'll be sure to keep you guys informed on my freakishness when it arrives.

A word I really like: woebegone (woeful; also, run-down). Thank you, dictionary.com, for your word-of-the-day.