13 March 2008

orcs! and so far from orc-land...

As of today, I am officially vaccinated for meningitis.
I probably didn't need to get this vaccination, but the student health center reduced the price from $80 to $50 this month. I probably wouldn't have another chance to get it this cheaply, and as I kind of tend to get WEIRD illnesses, I know I would kick myself if I ever got meningitis in the future. And died. lol. Yes, I would kick myself if I died. I'd rather err on the side of caution than carelessness.

I'm going home this weekend.
That's right. Home. I haven't been home in 2 months. I just decided on a whim that I wanted to see my mom and my cat and my room, so I'm up and leaving Saturday morning/afternoon. It'll be a nice break.

FINALLY had a good oboe lesson today. Which means I finally practiced.

I have a large history test tomorrow, and my Psi Chi induction banquet tonight... Gotta find time to study! Meh!

♥. Bekah.

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