31 March 2008

just watch my wildest dreams come true (and not one of them involving you.)

Well, after a load of drama concerning my preauricular pit infection, I finally went to the emergency room yesterday to have it looked at. Everyone on staff was very kind to me, and we did a lot of laughing. The doctor ended up having to lance the abscess on my ear to drain it-- I'd suspected they would have to do that, before I went. Despite the shot they gave me to numb me up, the procedure was still rather painful, and I almost passed out. Much to my dismay, hahaha. So they kept me horizontal for a while. In any case, my ear hurt loads and they had to bandage it up... but the doctor was nice enough to prescribe me some major pain medication, so I can't really feel much right now. I emailed all my teachers about not being in class today and maybe tomorrow, and they've all been super supportive about it.

The only drawback to this operation is that I have to go to an ENT (Ear Nose & Throat doctor) as soon as my infection clears up. Because apparently I've got a cyst on my ear that needs to be removed. That will be fun.

love! beks.

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