25 March 2008

don't tell me not to live, I've simply got to.

oh, my man, I love him so. he'll never know. all my life is just despair... but I don't care. when he takes me in his arms, the world is bright... alright, what's the difference if I say, "I'll go away," when I know I'll come back on my knees someday? for whatever my man is, I am his forever more.

aside from that bleeding-heart crap, I also feel the need to say that there is a chance my car will blow up soon. it's been screwy all night.

tomorrow I'm going up to my old high school to see some people. that'll be nice.

had an allergic reaction to something today, probably Sam, our icky cat (not China, my baby). I picked her up wearing a tank top today to throw her outside, and not 30 seconds later, my chest and arms were covered with big angry hives. ouch. benadryl suddenly became my best friend... and my worst enemy. zZzZzZzzz.

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