20 February 2008


Guess who just got a paying job as a makeup artist for a commercial George Creative Productions is doing tomorrow! That's right! Me. I'm listed on getafilmcrew.com as a freelance makeup artist, and GCP contacted me to come do basic makeup for their talent (a couple of men). Zomg. Can you tell I'm excited?! I'm not getting paid much-- I mean, if $15-20/hour isn't much. Since I'm only going to be working for about an hour. But still. This is GREAT experience.

I hope the fact I'm an amateur without much professional experience doesn't affect them thinking about hiring me in the future. Because they are an awesome contact to have.

I even got out of my oboe lesson tomorrow to be able to go to this. So pretty much I'm prancing around with glee. *glee*.

Okay. End the schoolgirl excitement.




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