08 February 2008

that boy had the highest of expectations.

I had my first I-squared (Inform and Interview) day of being an ambassador today. I really had lots of fun, though I wish I could have been more involved. Ah well. It was good to see my friend, Kim-- I am so excited she's coming to UCA! She's definitely one of my favorite 2008 high school graduates.

Laina, Aaron, and I went to a fantastic Caedmon's Call (w/ Derek Webb) concert last night. I can't even go into how awesome it was to be there and how glad I am I went.

Man... there's so much to share, and I'm hard pressed to find the words. As usual. But I guess I should get it out the way... So the other day, I was halfway jokingly searching the internet for schools with makeup artist training. I found a really good one in Los Angeles, California, that interested me a lot. I wanted to get some information more tangible than a website, so I requested that they send me more info.

A few hours later, they send me an email.

And today, they called me.

It was so incredibly awesome and cool and stuff, and I'm truly disappointed I can't be in their program, at least for now. I looked as some of their students' portfolios, and they're awesome! I think I would love it there. But for now, for now I am staying here and finishing my degree. Maybe grad school will end up not being the thing for me. If so, then this is a good plan B (granted, it's straight up a lot of money for these classes, but grad school is too, ne?). So yeah. I emailed the woman back and explained my situation. I hope they reply, because I really am interested. Just unable to act right now.

That's it for tonight. I just had to share it with someone.
Nagyon szeretlek.

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