25 February 2008

it's time to try defying gravity.

Well! Gosh, a lot has happened since last Wednesday's post.

  • My first experience as a paid makeup artist went more than incredibly. It was absolutely fantastic. And that is really scary, thinking about how much I love this. I talked to my surrogate brother, Aaron, last night... apparently Mom told him I was considering changing majors/going into something different. Does that mean Mom thinks this pursuit is legit? It's a scary and exciting possibility.

    My check from Albright Ideas (the people I billed for my services last Thursday) came in this afternoon. I'm tempted to make a copy of it and post it. Haha... but I suppose that would be poor taste, non?

  • Sophomore lectures went down Saturday morning. My roommates and I all got about three hours of sleep the night before. But everything went really well, and I'm just glad those are over with. We're officially in the Honors College now.

  • Immediately following the lectures that morning, I had to go with my honors class and a couple of other groups to Memphis to see the Belz Museum of Jade and Judaic Art. That was really cool, actually. I bought some handmade earrings while I was there. They're made to look like lapis lazuli-- I know. Blue. I couldn't resist. Heh.

  • Afterwards, I and some of my classmates (Katy, Jon, Hunter, David, and Jim) went to the Bigfoot Lodge to eat dinner. It was pretty okay, if a little too busy for my tastes. We were sitting there over an hour waiting for our food.

  • I got a job. I mean, a job other than the one I did on Thursday. My post-Ireland plans this summer were/are to move to Little Rock and work for my aunt with the Arkansas State Police, doing paperwork and odd jobs like that. But it turns out they need me sooner, so I'm going to start work probably this week or next week. I need to call and figure out when I'm supposed to go to training. That's kind of exciting! A job will do me good; maybe it'll bring me back to better time-management skills.

Ok. that's about it for now. I really need to try to get some work done before band.

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