04 February 2008

for the moments I feel faint.

Three of the five BFFS4E are sick now. Fabulous. Err... Three down, two to go. My world history class was canceled this morning, and Developmental let out early. Heck yeah. I'm about to leave for band half an hour early because I'm bored. Reeeeeeeeally bored. So. I'm going to grab a book or some homework or something and head that way. I get the feeling I should be doing something for Research Methods, but I'm more than a little lost at the moment.

...I also need to learn how to hem my own pants. Maybe I can get someone to hem them for me. I look a little silly with the bottoms of my new jeans turned up because I'm so ridiculously short. Sigh.

Okay. This was a pointless and meandering post. And I'm bored enough to bother you with it.
Much ♥.

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Chris Hota said...

Hey! I saw your link on the Improv Everywhere donation page and the words "central arkansas" jumped out at me. I'm in LR.

Hello, neighbor!