10 February 2008

and if I must go, the things I trust will be better off without me.

Feeling a little sick right now. Don't really know what could be causing it, but I'm irked nevertheless.

Today, my roommates and I had another makeup adventure.
Hobos to ... the wealthy? I dunno. But it's a rags-to-riches story.

Once upon a time, there were two hobos, Alley-kat and Jujy-fruit. They were pitiful creatures, destitute and with little more to their names than a couple of thin blankets and Jujy-fruit's surprisingly fashionable Newsies-style gatsby cap.

Alley-kat was always getting into fights. See that shiner on her face? She probably deserved it. Has a couple of scars, she has. And Jujy-fruit? She's a part-time chimney sweep. Look up on the rooftops at night, and you might see her dancing along with Dick Van Dyke and his goonies.

But despite all the dancing that these two did do, they were still very unhappy, and they knew they would have to do something soon to get their lives back together.

And so, they found Jesus and a magical prayer mat...

And Alley-kat (Alycia) and Jujy-fruit (Julie) lived happily ever after.

This story has been brought to you by yours truly, with help from two of the three best roommates ever.

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