25 February 2008

it's time to try defying gravity.

Well! Gosh, a lot has happened since last Wednesday's post.

  • My first experience as a paid makeup artist went more than incredibly. It was absolutely fantastic. And that is really scary, thinking about how much I love this. I talked to my surrogate brother, Aaron, last night... apparently Mom told him I was considering changing majors/going into something different. Does that mean Mom thinks this pursuit is legit? It's a scary and exciting possibility.

    My check from Albright Ideas (the people I billed for my services last Thursday) came in this afternoon. I'm tempted to make a copy of it and post it. Haha... but I suppose that would be poor taste, non?

  • Sophomore lectures went down Saturday morning. My roommates and I all got about three hours of sleep the night before. But everything went really well, and I'm just glad those are over with. We're officially in the Honors College now.

  • Immediately following the lectures that morning, I had to go with my honors class and a couple of other groups to Memphis to see the Belz Museum of Jade and Judaic Art. That was really cool, actually. I bought some handmade earrings while I was there. They're made to look like lapis lazuli-- I know. Blue. I couldn't resist. Heh.

  • Afterwards, I and some of my classmates (Katy, Jon, Hunter, David, and Jim) went to the Bigfoot Lodge to eat dinner. It was pretty okay, if a little too busy for my tastes. We were sitting there over an hour waiting for our food.

  • I got a job. I mean, a job other than the one I did on Thursday. My post-Ireland plans this summer were/are to move to Little Rock and work for my aunt with the Arkansas State Police, doing paperwork and odd jobs like that. But it turns out they need me sooner, so I'm going to start work probably this week or next week. I need to call and figure out when I'm supposed to go to training. That's kind of exciting! A job will do me good; maybe it'll bring me back to better time-management skills.

Ok. that's about it for now. I really need to try to get some work done before band.

20 February 2008


Guess who just got a paying job as a makeup artist for a commercial George Creative Productions is doing tomorrow! That's right! Me. I'm listed on getafilmcrew.com as a freelance makeup artist, and GCP contacted me to come do basic makeup for their talent (a couple of men). Zomg. Can you tell I'm excited?! I'm not getting paid much-- I mean, if $15-20/hour isn't much. Since I'm only going to be working for about an hour. But still. This is GREAT experience.

I hope the fact I'm an amateur without much professional experience doesn't affect them thinking about hiring me in the future. Because they are an awesome contact to have.

I even got out of my oboe lesson tomorrow to be able to go to this. So pretty much I'm prancing around with glee. *glee*.

Okay. End the schoolgirl excitement.




14 February 2008

Robert Penn Warren

Oh, it is real. It is the only real thing.
Pain. So let us name the truth, like men.
We are born to joy that joy may become pain.
We are born to hope that hope may become pain.
We are born to love that love may become pain.
We are born to pain that pain may become more
Pain, and from that inexhaustible superflux
We may give others pain as our prime definition.

10 February 2008

and if I must go, the things I trust will be better off without me.

Feeling a little sick right now. Don't really know what could be causing it, but I'm irked nevertheless.

Today, my roommates and I had another makeup adventure.
Hobos to ... the wealthy? I dunno. But it's a rags-to-riches story.

Once upon a time, there were two hobos, Alley-kat and Jujy-fruit. They were pitiful creatures, destitute and with little more to their names than a couple of thin blankets and Jujy-fruit's surprisingly fashionable Newsies-style gatsby cap.

Alley-kat was always getting into fights. See that shiner on her face? She probably deserved it. Has a couple of scars, she has. And Jujy-fruit? She's a part-time chimney sweep. Look up on the rooftops at night, and you might see her dancing along with Dick Van Dyke and his goonies.

But despite all the dancing that these two did do, they were still very unhappy, and they knew they would have to do something soon to get their lives back together.

And so, they found Jesus and a magical prayer mat...

And Alley-kat (Alycia) and Jujy-fruit (Julie) lived happily ever after.

This story has been brought to you by yours truly, with help from two of the three best roommates ever.

08 February 2008

that boy had the highest of expectations.

I had my first I-squared (Inform and Interview) day of being an ambassador today. I really had lots of fun, though I wish I could have been more involved. Ah well. It was good to see my friend, Kim-- I am so excited she's coming to UCA! She's definitely one of my favorite 2008 high school graduates.

Laina, Aaron, and I went to a fantastic Caedmon's Call (w/ Derek Webb) concert last night. I can't even go into how awesome it was to be there and how glad I am I went.

Man... there's so much to share, and I'm hard pressed to find the words. As usual. But I guess I should get it out the way... So the other day, I was halfway jokingly searching the internet for schools with makeup artist training. I found a really good one in Los Angeles, California, that interested me a lot. I wanted to get some information more tangible than a website, so I requested that they send me more info.

A few hours later, they send me an email.

And today, they called me.

It was so incredibly awesome and cool and stuff, and I'm truly disappointed I can't be in their program, at least for now. I looked as some of their students' portfolios, and they're awesome! I think I would love it there. But for now, for now I am staying here and finishing my degree. Maybe grad school will end up not being the thing for me. If so, then this is a good plan B (granted, it's straight up a lot of money for these classes, but grad school is too, ne?). So yeah. I emailed the woman back and explained my situation. I hope they reply, because I really am interested. Just unable to act right now.

That's it for tonight. I just had to share it with someone.
Nagyon szeretlek.

04 February 2008

for the moments I feel faint.

Three of the five BFFS4E are sick now. Fabulous. Err... Three down, two to go. My world history class was canceled this morning, and Developmental let out early. Heck yeah. I'm about to leave for band half an hour early because I'm bored. Reeeeeeeeally bored. So. I'm going to grab a book or some homework or something and head that way. I get the feeling I should be doing something for Research Methods, but I'm more than a little lost at the moment.

...I also need to learn how to hem my own pants. Maybe I can get someone to hem them for me. I look a little silly with the bottoms of my new jeans turned up because I'm so ridiculously short. Sigh.

Okay. This was a pointless and meandering post. And I'm bored enough to bother you with it.
Much ♥.

03 February 2008

she has a way with words.

It's always such a... relief, when I hear from Christopher. Sounds weird, doesn't it? I'm just always really happy to be talking to him. He was in town on Friday, but unfortunately I didn't get to see him in time-- probably good, though, since I was pretty sick that day. But he called me tonight, and we had a nice talk. I hope this means he and I are friends again. Lord knows I don't deserve his friendship anymore, but I really do enjoy his company. I talked to Ryan tonight, too. What a goose; he just ups and drives to Little Rock at night for no apparent reason at all. Strange kid. You hear that, Ryan? You are straaange.

Alycia and I had a lovely weekend! We put in a lot of bonding time, which was nice. I rarely get to do stuff with just the two of us, so this weekend was really fun. Today we went shopping for clothes... I needed some jeans and black shoes for concert season. At Target, though, I ended up buying two shirts, this color and another in lime, and two camisoles.

Spent more money than I'd planned shopping in Target (that's normal, isn't it? Haha), and then ran over to Kohl's, found 2 good-fitting pairs of jeans, and made our way back to school in time to be waiting for our roommates' arrivals.

Hopefully this week won't be as stressful as the last. And that I'll get more rest. I have a feeling my mother is tempted to come down here and force me to take care of myself. It frustrates her when I get sick like this, I know. And we both know it's because I overstretch myself. But I'm okay with that. For some sick, almost masochistic reason, I think I enjoy being busy to the point of anxiety. It makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something.

Man, I'm a freak.

I hope all of you are having a lovely end to your weekend. Oh, and happy late Groundhog's day. :)

02 February 2008

moments away.

We've almost got the filming for Eric's movie done. It'll be a relief when I have my evenings and weekends to myself again, especially to do homework and sleep. I got moderately sick this week from not getting enough sleep... That's normal; I was expecting it. I was afraid it was the flu (as influenza has been sweeping across campus like the plague these past couple of weeks), but I think I lucked out. It was probably either tonsillitis or a severe cold. I've got that same icky tonsillitis feeling in my throat, so maybe it was that.

Aie, me. We'll see how next week goes. I've got lots of homework to do tonight, and then Alycia and I are going to watch some more musicals!