24 January 2008


Julie and I enjoy watching Shimmy on the FitTV channel when our other roommates are out. We happen to think we're the best belly dancers EVER. Yup. Actually, we really don't know what we're doing. But we like the hand movements and spinning around in circles like idiots. Yeah, we're cool.

My roommates are orchestrating a Heath Ledger marathon tomorrow and some of this weekend. Sunday is Joe's birthday! We're going to have fabulous fun, I know. ♥. He won't be a teenager much longer.

I had a nightmare last night, the first in a while; funny, because I was talking to Ryan about my nightmares before I went to bed. This one had pain and all, and it was really unsettling. Lots of blood. Oh well. I care to look at them with a speculative eye these these days rather than to become too affected by them.

I'll post more of
A Lady and Her Companion later if I have some free time, and maybe even some of my book about Ryeanna, the persona of my heart. Her story used to be called Elven Raiders, but the title doesn't really fit the tale anymore.

My schedule is busy to the point of stress these days. I'm just trying to keep my head above water; it helps I have such fantastic friends and family who support me.

Aie me.

I should get my stuff together and go on to my lesson now. Hearts all around to those reading this.

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