24 January 2008

Ryeanna's Story

This is an excerpt from Ryeanna's story... I don't have a title for the story anymore, so for now it'll just be... "Ryeanna's story". Anyway. This is when she first meets Valimor, her extraordinary companion. Shiny!

She stared at the large golden eyes looking solemnly back at her. A cool intelligence was behind those eyes.

Are you afraid of me? a silky smooth voice caressed her thoughts.

No, she thought back. You are perfect.

A startling burst of warm colors filled her mind. Happiness? She regarded the cub gravely, but was amused to find a feline smile on his furry face.

As are you, two-legger. As are you.

Alan's voice broke her thoughts abruptly. "What will you call him?"

The name came to her lips before she could even give thought to the answer. "Valimor. His name is Valimor."

The cub purred in her arms and licked her hands. It would seem that he was pleased.

Alan smiled and reached out to tuck a lock of hair behind Rye's ear. "Do you like him?"

"Oh, Alan... he's beautiful." A rare smile came to light her eyes, and she squeezed his hand. "Thank you."

"Good. I am glad you’re pleased. Now… I have a few errands to run, so I’m leaving you two to enjoy each other’s company." He bent down and kissed her cheek. "I'll return later with dinner. Rest now."

Once he was gone, Rye leaned back against her pillows, gazing at the kitten in her lap. "How old are you, dear one?"

Older than you, a feline snort. My life is not gauged in your years.

"But you are so small!"

So were you, once. I was waiting for you to grow up. He nuzzled her fingers. Your thoughts are so sad. Why so, heart-sister?

Ryeanna sighed and drew the unresisting Valimor to cuddle under her chin. I have lost someone very dear to me.

Blues, cold and sad, filled her mind's eye. Your mate?

Yes, dear one. My mate.

The cub licked her chin and curled up beside her. We are Clan. Your pain is my pain.

Thank you.
She did not try to resist the tears that began to spill down her cheeks. Your friendship is most welcome.

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