14 January 2008

life is for the alive, my dear.

I think I almost fainted this morning. I've been feeling a little unwell the past couple of days. But I got up right before my morning class, ate breakfast, and left for the morning. When I got back from my two classes and a short trip to the campus bookstore, I was so lightheaded I had to lie down. Pretty sure it was low blood sugar or something, though, because I ate an apple and felt a little better afterward.

Last night I made a very stupid mistake... hahaha... I had a Quia assignment due at midnight, so I was rushing to get it done. Last semester, all our Quia assignments for a particular chapter were due all at once, so I assumed these were the same. Ahem. They weren't. There were only three or four workbook and lab manual exercises I was supposed to do. I did all about 20 of them. I wondered why it was allowing me to still complete them long after midnight... until, when I finally finished, I realized there were different due-dates.

...Idiot. Haha.

My mother won Del McCoury tickets from NPR today. :) She's invited me to go see it with her on Friday, and I will! Yay for bluegrass.

Now for just a brief overview of my MWF classes, and then I'll go get some homework done.

French II: I think I'm going to have fun in this class. I really enjoy Madame Odekirk as un prof. She's very endearingly funny. And I feel like as she's actually French, she's going to challenge us a lot more. Which we need, in the end. Plus, I like listening to her talk-- her accent sometimes reminds me of my Hungarian friends' accents when they speak English.

World History II: The people in this class are pretty friendly, as is the teacher. The teacher actually reminds me a LOT of my Grandma Sue (my father's mother). Anyway. She's very thorough and makes History interesting. I think I'll like this class.

Developmental Psychology: I like Mrs. Booher (or Suzie), too. She's very laid back, and we rarely stay the entire class period. But I don't think that means we won't learn much. Just that she's a little more sympathetic. Or something. Not really sure, lol.

Symphonic Band: We're playing such fun music! Yay for that. 2nd chair isn't so bad; I wish my mother hadn't made a big deal about it when I mentioned it this weekend. She says I didn't tell her. ...I totally did. But I explained it to her again, "Mom, I'm not first chair this semester. I'm second." And she seemed to get flustered, asking why that was so. Ah well. I shrugged it off. There are more important things in life than being 1st chair oboe all the time. Besides, I get to sit in between two fun girls! Anna and Sarah. And Amy and Sally one seat further on each side. I have the best seat in the band. *Smile*.

That's about it for today. I've got a lot of reading I need to get done tonight, and some studying for tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

take care of your self and Good luck in school, it sounds like you have a lot of fun..