04 January 2008

eyes of shadow water.

I finally got out of the house this evening; I think my mum was pleased with that. My friend Kristy and I had a pleasant evening watching movies, eating Chinese, and playing her Wii. I'm happy I'll have spent some time with someone before I head back to school on Saturday. I've only seen Katie a couple of times, and I haven't seen Amy at all. I did have lunch with Drew T. once, but I don't know if that counts as 'hanging out'. Ah well. All I can say is I've had an exquisitely restful break, and I'll be ready to go back into school full force. Good thing, too, since I have so much going on this semester. Ugh.

Here are my classes for this semester, and their hours:
  • Symphonic band
  • Oboe lessons
  • Honors core IV: Chinese humanities through taiji
  • World history II
  • French II
  • Developmental psychology
  • Research methods lab
On top of all that, here are some other important things going on:
  • Sophomore lectures
  • Honors ambassadors
  • Laughing Stock
  • Eric's movie
  • Statistics tutoring (officially... hopefully!)
  • Honors council
    • Livestock
    • Honors Ball? (possible)
  • Psi Chi inductions
  • Ireland preparations/TAG stuff
It may become a little daunting within the first few weeks, but I think things will turn out well. After all, I survived last semester, and that one was an absolute terror. *shudders*.

An old friend of mine, Cory, is supposed to drive up to Conway to see me on Saturday. He hasn't confirmed it yet, and if he doesn't tomorrow, I'm not going to count on it. We were thinking about going to the Greenwillis/bluegrass concert Saturday evening... ah well. If not, then I'll have some nice downtime at the dorm for myself.

That's all for now.
Off to catch some dreams.

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