26 December 2007

well, it's a marvelous night for a moondance

I hadn't realized I'd made this blog ages ago, back in 2005. Who knew.
And like I need another blog. I still have my livejournal, my myspace, and my xanga.
Ah well. There's nothing like a new start, and I'm a mite partial to Google-based applications.

So I'm sitting here at home, feeling a little bored, and listening to the August Rush soundtrack. Honestly, I'd see that movie again just to listen to the music in the theater. It was pretty gorgeous. My brother and I also went to see National Treasure 2 in theaters yesterday. It was pretty good, but totally not as awesome as I was expecting it to be. It seemed to end way too quickly! As well as not being so neatly tied up as the last one had been... I left the theater unsure about a few details-- so was the man evil in the end or not? And wasn't Chase in with the man at the beginning of the story? I'd assumed he was the one who told her to go to London when he listened in on the phone conversation... and so I was expecting a big confrontation between Gates and his ex-girlfriend. But they never even addressed it. And I think they could have spent more time on the actual map itself. It felt like a puzzle-piece had been left out, when all was said and done. In the first movie, I thought the hunt was the best part of the movie. In this one, the hunt seemed to take second place to the drama. Ah well. It wasn't a bad movie, though. Just not as great as the first, which is almost always the case.

I'm going to be glad to get back to school in a couple of weeks. I wish I had New Years plans, but I don't. And I kind of wish I could get back to the dorms now. Not that I'm not having a fabulous time here at home! That isn't the case. I just miss my friends and stuff. And the fast(er) internet -- as in, not dial-up. We're way behind the times, here at home.

Oooh! And I do have some pretty fantastic news I wanted to share with some people. Apparently, I have money. Money that's been gaining interest ever since I was born. Mom surprised me with it last night. She told my brother about his money about a month ago... So! This implies all sorts relief for me.
  1. It'll finish paying off my trip to Ireland this summer.
  2. It could help pay for grad school.
  3. Or it could help pay for a down payment on a better car than the piece of crap I have. (sorry Bessie!)
Or any number of things I'm needing. Those three are my current most important options. I have a $600 deposit due on the trip next month. And I'm getting $3750 from the Honors College for the Ireland trip (unless there are icky financial aid problems -- I've emailed Patricia about those. I'm a bit worried, but... we'll see). I'm just really crossing my fingers these days, hoping my car will last until we can get around to getting a student loan for a new(er) car. Maybe I'll be able to get one by this summer!

I guess that's it for now.
I'm singing in a funeral tomorrow morning. Which means I have to get up earlier than usual. As in...8:30. Ish. I don't know how I'm able to make myself get up for 8 o'clocks during the school year. Or 9 o'clocks, for that matter. Ugh. I'm not looking forward to having another 9 o'clock three times a year.



Its a scret . . . said...

Interesting ...

disneykid1 said...

HOLLA! i didn't know your car had a name! bessie is also my cousin's name. =P
i never named mine i think.