27 December 2007

television just isn't the way it used to be.

Since when does the TV Guide channel have better TV than the rest of television? ...Well, scratch that. Look-A-Like isn't really better TV. But watching some chick turn into a Nicole Kidman clone was certainly a lot more interesting than cheap horror flicks or re-runs of tacky shows.

...Look-A-Like is over.
And I'm pathetically falling back on Hannah Montana.

I think I might go back to school earlier than I'd planned. A really talented local (statewise) bluegrass band, Greenwillis, is giving a concert in Little Rock the weekend before school starts, and I'm thinking I need to go show my support! I first ran into Greenwillis during a recording of the Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour this past semester. They performed "Katie Dear" and another piece I can't remember. But they were amazing! I met them post-show and talked a bit with their guitarist online. They're a fun group! Anyone who's in the area should totally go see them next month. The concert dates and venue can be found on their aforementioned Myspace page.

I want to say a word or two on behalf of a friend before I go. It pisses me off that people deliberately try to hurt other people's feelings. And for what? Their own enjoyment. I don't know how much I'm allowed to say about this friend-- his privacy is very important to us and him. But... and gah, this portion of my post is pretty much going absolutely no where. Basically... I just wanted to say that flaming and trolling people's blogs, videos, lives, is totally not cool. And I guess for all the trolls out there, I suggest taking a long walk off a short cliff. Find something more productive to do with your lives than trying to make someone else's life miserable. In the end, it just makes you look like ignorant and unintelligent pricks. So. Shove off. Thanks.

To everyone else? ... I got this clip from wiki. Don't feed the trolls! Heh.

Anyway. Sorry about that, guys. I know the trolls probably aren't going to be reading this at all. But I needed to put it out there. I'd better stop this while I'm behind. Haha.

Take care, guys!

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